Share & Be Safe - Before You "Moan"

We all want to have some intimate, sexy fun right? Being safe and responsible can take the sexy out of the fun, especially when things are hot and heavy. No one wants to talk sexual history, risk or any of that unfun stuff. MOwner makes it easy so you can have sexy fun!

Things that aren't so sexy: 

  • 1 Million New Documented Cases of STIs Daily

  • 63% of Americans Have Unprotected Sex 

  • 71% Increase in Syphilis Cases

  • 5th year in a row STIs Have Increased

  • 63% Increase in Gonorrhea Cases

With MOwner all it takes is a scan, and you can verify your partner's last STI results to make the best decisions about intimate play.

STI Results Uploaded
Tap Phones with Partner
Results in Seconds

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